Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exciting Discovery at Penang Tropical Fruits Farm

During my recent visit to Penang Tropical Fruits Farm, I encountered the following exciting discovery.

The first one is pineapple. It is very common right? But these ones are not. Look at their sizes. Small but very cute. I had not seen like these before. Have you?

The following fruit is also very unique. One of the farm's guides told me that in Malay it is called Buah Lembah. It is a magical fruit the guide told me. I was lucky enough to taste it. The magic is whatever fruit I eat after that even the sour one or water would turn sweet. True enough, the mineral water that I drank after I was given to taste the fruit taste sweet.

The last wonderful fruit that I saw is a banana. But it is not Pisang Berangan or Pisang Awak or Pisang Abu. The guide did mention its type but I forgot now. :)- Someone who knows what pisang is it, please let me know.

Seeing all the above unique and magical fruits has deepened my faith to the Mighty Allah. I hope all my muslim friends and readers will feel the same. Allahu Akbar!

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