Saturday, November 1, 2008

Third Round Sarawak Open

Round 3 pairing

Table 30 : Prabhaharan Rajendra vs Fikri (1-0)

Table 11: Tan Ken Wei vs Irfan (0-1)

Table 28: Me vs Brynnon Bedindang (0-1)

Again my endgame has caused my defeat. Or maybe I need to strengthen my midgame so that I can have over the edge on the endgame. Never mind, I will analyze the game and try to improve my next games.

Need to pray for solat now, Asar & Zuhur. Maghrib will be coming soon. It is at 6:30 pm here in Kuching.  I will update later. 

... 5:30 pm at Borneo Hotel ...

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