Sunday, August 23, 2009

GM Negi Parimarjan

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DAT Malaysia Open 2009 is very proud to have several young chess talents and prodigies. The top three of them in the starting list are the most notable and what GiLoCatur means. GM Li Chao (China), GM Nguyen Ngoc Truoc Son (Vietnam) and GM Negi Parimarjan (India) have created history in the world of chess. It would be incredible if GM Wesley So of Phillipines could also participate in the tournament. They are among the top world chess juniors and teenagers.

The above is some statistics about his opening repertoire from It looks like that his favorite one is Sicillian. He became the second youngest GM ever after Sergey Karjakin in July 2006 after earning the third and final GM norm at Chelyabinsk Region Superfinal Championship.

However GM Negi once was defeated by our own IM Mas (visit the report here as reported by Hairulov) in the 9th round of the Parsvnath Commonwealth Chess Championship 2007 held at India. Our young chess players should make this feat as a motivation that they can be strong chess masters too and become Grandmasters provided that they work hard to achieve the dream. Eventhough many of our young players do not have the opprtunity and chance to have a strong Grandmaster as their trainer and coach as GM Negi has GM Nigel Short as one of his trainers and coaches. Hard work and strong will with current advanced technology and IT surely will help them to achieve the dream.

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