Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY Tournament Update - Day 2

Above are the winners for the CNY 2009 Open. In the Open category, the top 3 winners :

1) Zarul Syafiq Zulkafli (6.5 pts) - RM 500 + hamper

2) Mohd Fadli Zakaria aka Stonemaster (5.5 pts) - RM 350 + hamper

3) Salman Mistam (5.5 pts) - RM 250 + hamper

The full Final Results as the above.

Pairing Round 4

Pairing Round 5

Pairing Round 6

Pairing Round 7

In Round 6, GiLoCatur met a young boy named Mohd Noor Azam on board 33.  GiLoCatur thought could win the game but unfortunately it was otherwise.  What a tournament for GiLoCatur. Basically, GiLoCatur lost all the games, just won a game for absent player. All the players participated in the tournament are quality ones even the kids. Actually, it is a good sign for Malaysian chess. 

70 players had participated in the CNY tournament. Some come from far like JB, Seremban and Alor Star. Some just make comeback to chess tournaments.  GiLoCatur had few discussions with some of the players on local chess topics and issues. How chess can be improved in Malaysia. How chess can be developed and  promoted. How Malaysia can be in the world chess map. 

Another thing, few had asked about GiLoCatur's orange shirt where at the back of it displayed GiLoCatur and its chess blog address. Maybe such t-shirt can be a sell item to unite all Malaysian chess players and lovers. :)- 

Fikri, GiLoCatur's eldest son was playing againts Cikgu Zullkafli.

AL Mohamad, a seasoned chess player, againts a teenage chess player. GiLoCatur had several games including blitz with a parent from Seremban, Suhairi and AL. Other players had 5-minute blitz games among themselves while waiting for the prize giving ceremony. 

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  1. Thanks to MSSKL and Suhairi for the CNY 2009 but something wrong with National Rating List used.
    A FIDE rated player should not be on the NRL.
    NRL only meant for those who do not have the FIDE rating.
    High time for the list to be reviewed and Malaysia should have 2 saperated lists namely FIDE Rating and National Rating.
    like CNY 2009 was meant for those listed NRL 1800 only but look at the winners !!
    Lets put it right MCF! you cant give FIDE rating a review or MCF do not agree with FIDE list? They are rated lower! They should not be on the NRL.
    Anyway its the organiser's right but lets have fair play and see the real NRL.