Saturday, January 3, 2009

GiLoCatur vs Wak Fatkur

Few hours ago, GiLoCatur had a a series of chess matches with an old buddy, Wak Fatkur at a mamak restaurant in BJ. Fatkur was active playing chess while studying in UiTM in early 90's. According to him, during his time UiTM was strong and dominant at MASUM. Before tonite, we had few matches but online. So, tonite was our first on board matches.

Round 1 - GiLoCatur played black. Wak Fatkur played white. GiLoCatur played very aggresive with quick moves. GiLoCatur was up 3 pawns, but was trapped by a strong bishop. GiLoCatur 0, Fatkur 1.

Round 2 - GiLoCatur played 1. d4 with white. Exchanged queens in the mid-game. Fatkur could not handle GiLoCatur's knight. He resigned after above position. GiLoCatur 1, Fatkur 1.

Round 3 - GiLoCatur was down two major pieces eventhough up few pawns. Nothing could be done when pieces attacked cohesively with threatening pawn. Moreover, GiLoCatur played 1.e4 opening; not 1.d4 as used to, just to experiment he he he ...

Round 4 - Both players queening but Fatkur got the first tempo. GiLoCatur really moved pieces very quickly as it was past 1.30 am already.  Eventhough GiLoCatur was one major piece up i.e. bishop, Fatkur who controlled e- and g- files got the edge first. So, GiLoCatur 1, Fatkur 3. Surely, he was so happy as shown by his above picture. He agreed to participate in next chess rapid tournament. So, watch out guys ... Fatkur wants to make a chess comeback. :)-

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