Thursday, April 30, 2009

36th Selangor Open Will Begin Today

GiLoCatur and kids played in the 35th Selangor Open last year.

This afternoon at 2.30pm, the Selangor Chess Open for the year 2009 edition will start. An expected 100 chess players mostly local will take the challenge to be the champion. This year will be the 36th consecutive edition. Many unrated players including the juniors will be aiming to get FIDE-rated norm. There will be nine rounds of 90-minute time control. 

Two of GiLoCatur's children, Fikri and Anis Fariha, will participate in the tournament. They started to participate in such tournament last year including GiLoCatur. This year GiLoCatur will not participate. The last chess tournament that GiLoCatur participated was the MBSA Open on the last 26th April. GiLoCatur just managed to win 3 games and lost the other 3. In the first round, GiLoCatur lost to an American who lives here in Shah Alam. Eventhough GiLoCatur got a little bit advantage but could not execute well againts the American named Ibrahim Nash. 

All GiLoCatur's children played in the rapid tournament. Fikri played in Under 15 category while both Anis and Fahim, the youngest, played in Under 12 category. Fahim just started to participate in chess tournaments. Fikri who won 4 games out of 6 won the Under 15 Shah Alam closed and was place fifth in the open. Anis who won 3 games and drew 1 game was placed sixth in the Under 12 Shah Alam closed category. While Fahim managed to win a game and drew two games.

So, Best of Luck to all players especially to both GiLoCatur's children.

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