Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pearl Point National Age Group Update

Now GiLoCatur is at the Pearl Point shopping complex. Round 5 is underway. Below are the summary that GiLoCatur can provide:
  • U16B - Three players with 4 perfect score getting into Round 5. They are Syakir who beat Nabil in earlier rounds, Sumant and Evan Timothy. NM Edward Lee suffered a defeat in Round 4.
  • Under 16G - NWM Alia is the only player who is undefeated thus far. Currently she is playing againts Afifah Hanum on the first board. Latifah Kaiyisah is playing black on the second board againts Lynette Wong whereas Winnie is playing againts her state teammate, Intan Asirah, on the third board.
  • Under 14B - Yap Eng Chiam, the top favourite, is playing white on the first board againts Kiu Toh Shen. Both are the only perfect scorers left in this age-group getting into Round 5. On the second board, Wong Jian Wen and Elgin Lee from Penang are competing againts each other. Fikri, GiLoCatur's son is playing black on Board 8 againts Lim Jing Hong.
  • Under 14G - Hoh Tjin Li is leading her age-group with the perfect score of 4 points. She is right now playing againts Amira Syahmina, with 3.5 points,  on the top board. The other 3.5 pointers are Dhanusya Chandran from Selangor and Laila Husna, the daughter of Cikgu Sahadi from Kelantan. They are playing on the second board.
  • Under 12B - Three players with perfect 4 points. The defeniding champion, Tan Wei Hao is playing againts Shreyes on Board 1. Roshan Singh is playing white againts his state teammate, Irfan Haqqim who has 3.5 points on Board 2.
  • Under 12G - The defending champion, NJM Nur Nabila is playing white againts her strongest rival, Tan Li Ting, on the top board. They both have perfect scores. GiLoCatur's daughter, Anis is playing white on Board 7 againts Nursyahirah Zilkifli.
  • Under 10B - Four players with the perfect score - Yeoh Li Tian, Sirajuddin, Tan Yong Zhao and Aziz Farhan. Li Tian, the defending champion and the top  favourite, is playing againts the Kedahan takent, Sirajuddin on th etop board while Yong Zhao plays white againts the KL champion, Aziz Farhan.
  • Under 10G - Nur Najiha, Azman's daughter and the defending champion, is playing white on Board 1. She won all her previous rounds. Her opponent is Nurul Aina Akmar, the daughter of Cikgu Rohizan. While on Board 2, Nurulhana Syuhada and Nithyalaksmi Sivanesan from Seremban are playing each other on Board 2. On Board 5, two GiLoCatur's favourite players for this age-group, Kelly and Puteri Rifqah, are currently battling againts each other. 
  • Under 8B - Two Hamzahs are leading this age-group on the top board. They are Danish and Amier. They won all their previous rounds along with Ng Jen Sheng who plays Wong Yinn Long on Board 2.
  • Under 8G - Teh Ming Min is the perfect scorer so far. She upset Puteri Munajjah yesterday. She plays againts Teh De Zen. 

SKBJ players results so far:
  • U12B - Aminur Nirza (3), Irfan (2), Arif (2)
  • U12G - Anis Fariha (2.5), Aina Farzana (2)
  • U10B - Ihsan (2)
  • U10G - Nur Faqihah (2.5)
  • U8B - Faqih (2), Ilham Qayyum (1)

For the complete Round 5 pairing list, can go to Marcus Yeoh's blog.

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