Monday, May 17, 2010

Chess Tournament @Malaysian Public Agency Indoor Games

Actually, chess is among the sport events organized in the indoor games at both public and private sectors in this country. It is just that they are not reported or covered in any chess blogs unless if chess bloggers participated either as a player or an arbiter.

So, GiLoCatur would like to urge anyone who knows about any chess event organized by government agencies or private companies, please alert or inform to any chess bloggers to be included in their blogs. By promoting chess among the public and private sectors, more talents may be emerged and came out. Hopefully, it will spark more interest to more Malaysian workers to be involved in chess especially participating in chess tournaments.

While accessing JPN's website ( a while ago to check the status of myKad of GiLoCatur's daughter that was applied about two weeks ago, the above picture was spotted. The above picture is a chess tournament during 2009 JPN's Indoor Games.

note :
JPN = Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara or in English, the National Registration Department

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