Monday, February 2, 2009

Unitar Amateur Open Results

The Unitar Amateur Chess Open was started with doa recital by Ustaz Zainal Abidin from Malacca. 148 players had participated in the 8-round SWISS rounds. The time control was 25 minute. 

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Three players who are under 12 years old were among the top 10 winners. Aron Teh from Taiwan (note:  actually from Ipoh, Perak and also a local youngster. Sorry for the error. GiLoCatur) and a participant in last year's World Youth Chess Championship (WYCC) in Vietnam was placed fourth. Whereas local youngsters - Aziz Farhan and Mohd Faizal, won seventh and eighth place respectively. 

Some photos taken during the tournament as per below.

GiLoCatur in deeper thought if the game could be won or drawn at least. :)-

As for GiLoCatur, it was a good tournament since the tournament rating achieved was 1429 compared to the national rating of 939. In Round 1, GiLoCatur played againts the eventual champion, Cikgu Rizal Jusoh, on board 7. 

GiLoCatur could not capitalize below position during the critical time pressure. But having excellent defending for the champion's solid and superb attacking position, as per above picture,  is good enough for GiLoCatur and a win would be a bonus.

Being quite tired for the first round game, GiLoCatur succumbed to a defeat in second round to a young boy named Muhd Farid. In the third round, GiLoCatur won againts a secondary school student named Muhd Hafizuddin. But in the fourth round, GiLoCatur lost to another secondary school player named Saiful Reeza Latif. If not mistaken he is from Kolej Yayasan Melaka school.

In Round 5, GiLoCatur had to put sympathy aside to demolish an inexperienced Under 8 player. The same goes for Round 6 game where GiLoCatur won decisively againts an U17 Muhd Zikri. Round 7 is really a great game for GiLoCatur. GiLoCatur made an upset by winning againts Mohd Zullghafari Saparmin, a much higher-rated player. GiLoCatur could not cruise further when in the last round GiLoCatur lost to a junior national player, Puteri Rifqah, Azhar MS's eldest daughter.

So, GiLoCatur won 4 games and lost the other 4. GiLoCatur hopes to have better games and results in next week tournament at Kelang Chess Open.

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