Monday, July 13, 2009

Laguna Park Open Winners

Encik Abd Malek Sayuti of Selera Nelayan giving his short speech before the tournament began.

Puan Junaidah officially closed the event before the prize giving.

The champion for Open category - NM Zarul Shazwan.

NM Zarul won 6 games and drew one. Among the opponents that he beat were Zali Ng6, Norazman Ismail, StoneMaster, Yeoh Li Tian and Ian Udani. He drew with the first runner up, Kamaluddin Yusof. Congratulation! He was also the back-to-back champion of Shah Alam Ole Ole Chess Open and Tanjong Karang Open.

The Top 15 winners (Open Category)

1. NM Zarul Shazwan
2. Kamaluddin Yusof
3. Mohd Fadli Zakaria
4. Zarul Shafiq Zulkafli
5. Muhd Nabil AH
6. Lim Zhou Ren
7. Ian Udani
8. Norizzudin Afendi
9. Yeoh Li Tian
10. Muhd Syazwan Zulkifli
11. Norazman Ismail
12. WCM Nur Shazwani
13. Azman Hisham Che Doi
14. Mohd Hussein Mohd Jamil
15. Hashim Jusoh

The champion for Under 12 category - NWM Wendy Tan Li Ting

NWM Tan Li Ting of MSSKL showed her prowess in Under 12 category where almost half of the participants are state chess players and few others are district chess players. She did not lost a game, in fact, she won 4 and drew 2. Among the opponents that she defeated are Noor Azam, WFM Nur Najiha and Roshan Singh - all of them are 2009 Selangor U12 players. Only Muhd Hakimi of MSS Melaka and Yeoh Li Yuan of MSS Selangor managed to draw with her. Congratulation! Hopefully, she will continue to achieve the highest level in chess.

The Top 15 winners (U12 Category)

1. NWM Wendy Tan Li Ting
2. Roshan Ajeet Singh
3. Muhd Irfan Haqqim
4. Yeoh Li Yuan
5. Muhd Hakimi Mazlan
6. WFM Nur Najiha Azman
7. Puteri Rifqah Fahada*

U9B Amier Hamzah* A.Zuhri

8. Muhd Fikri Farizal
9. Muhd Najwan* AH
10. Mohd Noor Azam

U9G Puteri Munajjah Az-Zahraa*

11. Anis Fariha Saleh
12. Mindy Tan Wei Ting
13. Muhd Fahmi Farizal
14. Nur Faqihah* Aminuddin
15. Mohd Nor Adib Masudi

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