Tuesday, February 23, 2010

GiLoCatur at The Coffee Bean, Kuching Airport

A spare time while waiting for something like a flight to KL from Kuching is very precious to a blogger like GiLoCatur. GiLoCatur's MH 2597 flight is delayed for 40 minutes to 8.40pm. So, GiLoCatur landed at The Coffee Bean that has free WiFi. Actually, it is not free because you will buy something like GiLoCatur ended up buy a tuna sandwich and a glass of hot chocolate. You will feel guilty if you sit down at the outlet without buying anything, right.

By the way, what GiLoCatur is doing in Kuching? Actually, GiLoCatur had a job to do at one of company's customers offices. GiLoCatur arrived at Kuching on Sunday's night about the same time the Malaysian prime minister arrived in Kuching. GiLoCatur stayed at the Harbour View Hotel that is located on Jalan Temple. GiLoCatur only had one night to wondering around looking for a chess hangout or "port" in Kuching but to no avail. Never mind with that because if GiLoCatur found one, surely could not play well because being tired. So, GiLoCatur just busy with work except one entry about "Catur Rakyat - Part 1" written and posted from the hotel. If chess is already in your blood and life, anything chess-related will catch your eyes. Actually, GiLoCatur noticed a chess set in one of the officers' room.

Got go now.

The coffee Bean, Kuching Airport - 8.30pm

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