Monday, August 30, 2010

GiLoCatur's View On Merdeka Rapid Team Event

As GiLoCatur writes this entry, the 4th round of the Merdeka Rapid Team is on going. Based on the above top 15 Round 4 pairings, five teams have accumulated the full 6 match points. 2 match point for a win, 1 match point for a draw and 0 match point for a loss. A team will win and get 2 match point even it scores 2.5 - 1.5 similar to 4 -0. GiLoCatur's pick team, the Uzbek connection, is playing on the second board against ASTRO Arena who includes Malaysian current chess prodigy Li Tian and youngster Muhd Izz. On the top board, Chesskidz Men's Team plays againts the Bengal Tigers. While Crusher, the other team that scores full match points challenges the top seed, the SMS Gold.

Based on the info that GiLoCatur has, the latter will play against Mohd Syazwan who replaces Sabirova Shakhnoza. While the former will face former World Police champion, Sergeant Ismail Ahmad. On the first board an Uzbek GM will meet a Bangladeshi GM. Who will win this match? We'll find out latter. On the top board, Chesskidz Men's Team plays against the Bengal Tigers that include Malaysian youngster, Elgin Lee.

the Uzbek connection
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