Wednesday, August 11, 2010

INSOFAR Elite Open Tournament

Don't think that there are no chess tournaments during the month of the fasting month RAMADHAN. In fact, this weekend on Sunday 15th August which is the fifth day of fasting to all the muslims, the first stage of the INSOFAR ELITE OPEN Tournament will be held at the DAT Chess Center. Check out below details!

The tournament will be carried out in four stages like below details. The fee is only RM50 for each stage. Meaning that you just need RM200 in total for all the four stages. It is just about 10% of the champion prize money or 20% of the first runner up prize money. A good ROI or Return of Investment, isn't it? Even if you place last in the final fourth stage, you will still earn extra RM50 and surely four days of chess playing excitement and fun.

The prize money for both the champion, TWO THOUSAND RINGGITS, and the first runner up, ONE THOUSAND RINGGIT, after the end of the fourth (round robin) stage is quite impressive especially to GiLoCatur.

GiLoCatur thinks that the champion can be crowned and awarded the Malaysian Rapid Chess King title that requires consistent and solid performance from the first stage until the last stage.

So, book your place in the tournament and show how good you are in chess. DARE TO TAKE THE CHALLENGE TO BE THE MALAYSIAN RAPID CHESS KING?

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