Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo Journalism - Cerdik Catur Chess Challenge (Part 1)

Below are several new faces (at least to GiLoCatur) of the Malaysian chess participants in the recent Cerdik Catur Chess Challenge.

Fikri was happy during the tournament since three of his school seniors made their debut participation in a local chess tournament. They are Faiz Zairullail Mohd Yusof, Abdul Kahar Abdul Manaf and Wan Muhammad Shafiq Mohd Shukri.

Right picture, a Klang Tahfiz student

Abdul Kahar of SMK Seksyen 18 (left) versus a "Mat Salleh" player.

Faiz Zarullail, another SMK Seksyen 18 pupil, (left) played black against a 7-year-old Nik Nur Nadzirah, which came all the way from Kelantan with his father, Cikgu Nik Azrihan.

A "lebai muda" can also play chess. The opportunity to participate in chess tournaments shall be given to new players like him. How did he know about the tournament? Via newspaper. So, efforts to advertise local chess tournaments in the newspaper shall be done by the organizer.

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