Sunday, June 14, 2009

3 GOLD for Malaysia at the 10th ASEAN Age Group Championship

According to Haslindah Ruslan, Malaysia won THREE gold medals at the 10th ASEAN Age Group Championship. Two gold medals from WFM Nur Najiha while one gold medal from WCM Nur Nabila. WFM Najiha won both standard and rapid tournaments in Under 10 Girls category while her elder sister WCM Nabila won the Blitz tournament for Under 12 Girls section.

TAHNIAH AND SYABAS! to both of them.

To the other Malaysian players, DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED. PRACTICE HARDER. LEARN MOR AND MORE. Capitalize on the golden experience gained in the tournament. All of you will succeed in earning honours and to be champions in future chess tiurnaments.

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