Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What A Hectic Weekend! (Saturday)

Last weekend was very hectic for GiLoCatur. There were two chess tournaments - Ole Ole Shah Alam Chess Open and Tanjung Karang Chess Open, that GiLoCatur participated along with all GiLoCatur's children.

13.6.2009 Sat 8.45 am

GiLoCatur and kids had arrived at Ole Ole Shopping Complex in Section 18, Shah Alam before 9.00 am. It took about 20 minute drive from home to the place in the nice Saturday morning. The tournament was held at the first level in front of the shops. At 10.00 am, the first round pairing was up after registration and fees payment settled. The players were divided into two sections - Open and Under 12. For each sections, there are two categories namely Open and Ole Ole winners for Shah Alam residents.

NWM Roslina Marmono was the tournament director. Two notebooks were being used for the pairing system manned by NWM Khairunnisa (the chief arbiter) from Kuantan, Cikgu Zullkafli and his wife Cikgu Suffiah from Rawang.

Fikri, GiLoCatur's eldest son, were in the Open section along with GiLoCatur. We were among about 50 participants for the section. Meanwhile, the other two kids were participating in Under 12 section. Anis Fariha and Fahim were among 30 participants as well as several of their SKBJ schoolmates.

Fikri started his game with a draw playing againts an unrated player named Mohd Shamsul Azhari. Then he won the next two rounds againts unrated opponents - namely Ismail Hassim and Ahmad Idzuan Rosli. He lost in the fourth round. In the fifth round, he beat higher rated opponent Azman Nordin with 1461 rating. He was defeated by a much stronger opponent, Hussein Jamil (1718), in the last round. Thus, he got 3 1/2 points after 3 wins, 1 draw and two losts. He earned the fifth place in open category for Shah Alam residents Ole Ole Winners.

GiLoCatur won in the first round playing againts Ahmad Ashraf Bin Rosdi. Then in second round, GiLoCatur had a very tight game playing black againts 1580-rated player. Eventhough GiLoCatur had time advantage at first, unfortunately at the end lost to Ahmad Farhan Bin Fadzin due to time. Still GiLoCatur was happy with the game because can challenge much higher rated player. GiLoCatur needs to improve on the endings and control the nerve on time pressure. In the third round, GiLoCatur played aggressive againts unrated Ahmad Khairi Md Yusof. GiLoCatur took a while to notice the checkmate move.

Round 3 : GiLoCatur (white) vs Khairi (black)

Do you know the checkmate move? Try to find it. It was a lunch break after the third round. After lunching with the kids at the food court, GiLoCatur rushed home to check on Avanza because earlier GiLoCatur's wife had texted that the tyre is puctured. GiLoCatur had to fix it and luckily it was not entirely puntured, so it could be driven slowly to the mechanic shop. But GiLoCatur had missed the fourth round.

In the fifth round, GiLoCatur was paired againts a teenager named Phang Kein Khei. GiLoCatur lost to him.

Ahmad Idzuan Bin Rosli

GiLoCatur used Queen and Bishop to edge Idzuan's King into the corner.

In the final round, playing white GiLoCatur won againts Ahmad Idzuan, whom also lost to Fikri in the third round. At the end, GiLoCatur could only manage to get 3 points not enough to get into the top 5 for Shah Alam residents section who was won by Abdul Haq. But GiLocatur is satisfied and happy with the performance in the tournament.

Anis Fariha, GiLoCatur's daughter, won her first round againts Mohd Zaiful Rosleh. In the second round, she managed to draw with Irfan Haqqim before she defeated a chess player from Johor Bahru, Ong Wei Bin in the third round. She won another game in the fourth round. But she lost the last two rounds to 9-year-old Nithyalakshmi from Seremban and Noor Azam, her MSS Selangor teammate.

As for Fahim, the youngest child of GiLoCatur, he managed to checkmate two of his opponents. He lost the other four rounds including to his schoolmate, Nur Faqihah.

13.6.2009 Sat 7.15 pm

Close to 5.30 pm, after few speeches, the winners were given the prizes. NM Zarul Shazwan Zullkafli won the Open category with 5 1/2 points. He had better tie break compared to Nabil who was in second place. Abdullah Che Hassan won the third place with 5 points. As for Under 12 category, the champion was awarded to Subramaniam Sivanesan from Seremban, also the 2009 Negeri Sembilan Under 12 Boys champion. He lead the section with 5 1/2 points. MSS Selangor state players, Puteri Rifqah (5 points) got second place and Noor Azam (4 1/2 points) got third place.

Meanwhile the top 3 Under 12 Best Shah Alam were won by SKBJ chess players - Ihsan Syahiran, his elder brother Irfan Rendrawan and GiLoCatur's daughter, Anis Fariha.

The tournament was smooth running. The rounds were on schedule. The pairings was posted up on time. The tournament venue was organized and arranged nicely by the management and staffs of the shopping complex. The arbiters were efficient due to their experience. One notebook for each Open and Under 12 section. Hopefully, it will be true enough that more tournaments will be held at and organized by the Ole Ole shopping complex maybe on monthly basis. Chess will be alive and kicking in Shah Alam as it used to be.

Cikgu Zullkafli and three familiar ladies in chess circle.

13.6.2009 Sat 6.00 pm

GiLoCatur and family had early dinner at a restaurant near the shopping complex. Fikri and Anis had Nasi Ayam while GiLoCatur ate Kuew Tiew Soup. Both GiLoCatur and wife could not eat too much because we had a wedding invitation at night.

13.6.2009 Sat 8.00 pm

GiLoCatur and wife at a wedding function.

GiLoCatur and wife arrived at a hotel in Damansara Utama near TV3 Seri Pentas to attend a wedding function of an office mate. GiLoCatur had to wear formal (batik long sleeve) since the function was attended by Yang Di Pertuan Agung and many VVIPs like Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. We enjoyed the function because the food was delicious. GiLoCatur reached home from the function at past 11.00 pm. GiLoCatur was so tired and need to rest for the one-hour drive to Tanjung Karang in early Sunday morning for another chess tournament.

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