Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on 10th AAGC, Vue City, Vietnam

Today at Hue City, our seven Malaysian boys and girls are participating in the rapid age group tournament. Based on after round 4, below are their performance. 

The newly crowned WFM Najiha continues her sterling performance in Under 12 Girls category. She won two games and drew another two. Thus, she collected 3 points. She will play black in the next fifth round againts a Vietnamese player on the the third board. She is just behind 1/2 point with the leaders. She is ranked fifth after four rounds.

Amier Hamzah performed quite well today after winning three straight games eventhough he was defeated in the first round to the same opponent he beat in the standard tournament earlier. Thus, he collected three points so far and will play white on the third board againts a Vietnamese player. Like WFM Najiha, Amier is just 1/2 point behind the leaders of three players.

The Sarawakian Jerome played quite well too in the rapid tournament. Surely, the experience gained in the standard tournament helps him to accumulate 2 and 1/2 points after winning two games and drew another. He is currently ranked in the ninth position in his age group category seperated just one point with the leader.

Camilia is another player who is playing quite well with 2 and 1/2 points so far. She is ranked sixth going to the fifth round this afternoon at 3.30 pm. She will play white on th ethord board againts a 3-point Vietnamese player. 

Nabila, who earned her WCM title for getting SILVER in her age group category, does not perform well so far. She collected 1 and 1/2 point after losing the second and fourth round respectively. Hopefully she will win all her remaining rounds to get onto the podium. Both Edward Lee and Amru lost their first two rounds to their respective opponents. They both also won the third round. Whereas in the fourth round, Edward lost while Amru won his. Therefore, they collected 1 point and 2 points each respectively getting into the fifth round where both of them will play white againts their respective opponents. 

Come on all Malaysian players. Do yourselves, family and nation proud by winning as many games as possible. MALAYSIA BOLEH!.  


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