Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Photos of Shah Alam Team Championship League - Round 2 (26/6/2009)

"GiLoCatur Gambit" players (from left) Azam, Fikri, Shamsuddin aka Firey_Rook ( and Fauzi. The team won 4 - 0 against its opponent team.

Fauzi (red shirt) vs Fauzi on the fourth board and Syed Remizan vs Sham aka Firey_Rook on the third board.

Max (left) and Akmal of 17ChessClub. Their team also won convincingly 4 - 0.

Sahir (left) and Syed.

Firdaus (blue shirt) and his team mate againts 17ChessClub.

Azam and Fikri on the first and second board respectively.

A weekly club chess league like this hopefully will flourish and bloom the local chess sport especially in Shah Alam. GiLoCatur hopes that such weekly chess tournament will be organized more and more. Surely, the more consistant chess tournaments, the better chess quality in this country. Hopefully, the participation of Malaysian young chess players will increase time to time. Our young chess players should be serious in chess. They are our hope. When this happen, insya Allah, Malaysia will have Grand Masters no doubt.

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