Sunday, September 6, 2009

KLCA Open 2009 - Day 2 (R5 Results and R6 Pairing)

Round 5 Results

On the top board, Farid Firmansyah, one of Indonesian 38th Dresden Olympiad team members, could not continue his sterling performance when he was defeated by the top seed, GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son. This result with the loss of GM Marat Dzhumaev to another Vietnamese GM, Thien Hai Dao, has put GM Nguyen in front of others by half point. He needs to maintain his winning for the next four rounds to be the champion in this tournament. Could he? Let's wait and see.

On the third board, IM Dede Liu made an upset againts his countryman, GM Susanto Megaranto. Another interesting results are :

CM Nguyen Hoang Nam won againts GM Saidali from Uzbekistan
Ian Udani managed to win againts higher-rated Indonesian International Master, Tirto.

For the Malaysian camp, the results for Round 5 are not encouraging. Only Edward Lee managed to win againts another Malaysian fellow player, Najib while Sergent Ismail drew with his Indian opponent. Hopefully, good results for them tomorrow.

Round 6 Pairing

In the sixth round tomorrow morning, four Malaysian players will play againts each other. Ismail will meet Li Ting while Abdul Haq will meet Najib. Edward Lee will play againts Indonesian player, Hasian. Jianwen's opponent tomorrow will be a higher-rated Pinoy named Edmundo Legaspi. Haslindah, on the other hand, will meet a Singaporean player.

As for Ian Udani, he will have an uphill battle to win againts GM Susanto Megaranto on the 8th board. If he wins, it will be another interesting result and achievement.

So, GOOD LUCK! to all of them.

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