Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KLCA Open 2009 - Day 5 (R8 Results and R9 Pairing)

Round 8 Results

Indonesian FM, Syarif Mahmud could not manage to stop GM Nguyen Son to lead the pack with half point. On the other hand, the Uzbek champion, FM Pak, succeeded to earn half point by drawing with higher-rated GM Dao from Vietnam. Such result surely make GM Marat and GM Susanto happy when they managed to win their respective games on the third and fourth board. GM Marat defeated Singaporean FM Chan while GM Susanto beat his fellow countryman, IM Irwanto.

In the Malaysian camp, Edward Lee, Najib Abdul Wahab and Abdul Haq Mohamed had sterling performances againts their respective opponents. Edward won againts an IM with 2284 FIDE rating, nearly 200 higher than him. Najib managed to defeat a 1900-rated Biswajit Bharadwaj while Abdul Haq won againts rated countryman, Jianwen.

In a battle of puteri catur between Malaysian and Indonesia, NWM Tan Li Ting could not manage to win againts one of the Indonesian Dream Girls quartet, WFM Dewi AA Citra. Whereas Ismail Ahmad drew with MCF's vice president, Haslindah.

Round 9 Pairing

In the final round just began about half hour ago, it is back to the top four seeds. Leading the pack, GM Ngyuen Son plays white againts GM Marat Dzhumaev, the third seed on the first board. Having 6/8, both the second seed GM Dao Thien Hai (white) and the fourth seed GM Susanto Megaranto (black) will battle on the second board. GiLoCatur strongly believe the champion will be among these four GMs.

As for the Malaysians:

Edward Lee, the highest scorer with 4.5/8, will meet againts Ian Udani. An interesting battle also. This followed by two unrated players, Abdul Haq and Najib who have scored 4/8 points so far. Let's see whether they have much energy left to conquer 2000+ and 2100+ rated players. With 3/8 points, Jianwen should try to win his game againts 1900+ rated player to make sure he imroves his FIDE rating. The other three have 2.5/8 points. Ismail Ahmad will face one of the Indonesian Dream Girls, WCM Monica. Haslindah will play black againts Oentoro Djoni while Tan Li Ting will play againts a Chinese Taipeh chess player, Chen I-Chen.

GOOD LUCK to all!

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