Monday, September 7, 2009

KLCA Open 2009 - Day 4 (R6 Results and R7 Pairing)

GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son (left) and GM Dao Thien Hai - the leaders after round 6
(from Gilachess blog)

Round 7 Pairing

The two Vietnamese GMs leaders will meet againts each other on the top board in 30 minutes time. Will they draw? But GiLoCatur believes that they will fight till the end because a win is very crucial for each of them. Because three players with 4.5/6 - IM Irwanto, FM Pak and GM Marat, are waiting their chances as well.

Round 6 Results

It becomes interesting when GM Nguyen Son just drew his game while his compatriot GM Dao won againts Indonesian IM, Dede Liu where both have 5/6.

Good results for all the Malaysian players,

Edward Lee managed to win againts higher-rated Indonesian player Hasian Panggabean
Wong Jianwen won againts much higher-rated Pinoy, Edmundo Legaspi
Two Malaysian pairs drew; and
Haslindah Ruslan won her game

Unfortunately, Ian Udani could not manage to win againts the strong fourth seed GM Susanto Megaranto.

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