Friday, September 4, 2009

KLCA Open 2009 - R1 Results & R2 Pairing

Round 1 Results

All Malaysian players lost their games except both unrated Abdul Haq and Najib Abdul Wahab where they drew againts their respective opponents. Based on the latest national ratings, Abdul Haq is rated 1855 while Najib is rated 1698 (provided it is correct under the name of Najib Wahab, without Abdul).

Another interesting result is GM Saidali Iuldachev, the sixth seed, drew with Masruri Rahman from Indonesia. The Malaysian-based pinoy, Ian Udani, also cruises smoothly to the second round with a win againts Indonesian player, Sofyan Jafar.

R2 Pairings

In the second round pairing, GiLoCatur is eager to wait whether Abdul Haq could manage a draw againts GM Saidali like Masruri. Four other Malaysian players will be sitting side-by-side from the 16th board to the 19th board. Najib will meet Masruri, Ismail Ahmad will play againts Dissanayake, Edward Lee will meet Chen I-Chen, a woman player from Chinese Taipei and Jianwen will play white againts WIM Beverly Mendoza.

Haslindah Ruslan will meet benjamin Foo while Li Ting will play againts Md Jaynul Abedin, a Bangladeshi player.


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