Friday, September 4, 2009

KLCA Open 2009

The second edition of KLCA Open will kicks off in less than 5 hours. The first round of the nine-round tournament will start at 8.30am Friday morning. 58 chess players from 11 countries will be participating where 6 GMs - 3 from Vietnam, 2 from Uzbekistan and 1 from Indonesia, and 2 strong IMs - Tahir Vakhidov and Richard Bitoon, will be the top 8 leaders to vie for the champion spot.

Seven (7) Malaysian chess players will be among the participants. Seargent Ismail Ahmad will be leading the pack and in the first round, the 30th seed will play white againts GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son of Vietnam on the top board. What an uphill task for the FIDE 2089 rated player againts the 2589 rated young Grandmaster. On the second board, NM Edward Lee (FIDE 2089) will play black againts another top Vietnamese GM, Thien Hai Dao, another 2500+ rated player. Let's all we Malaysians pray and hope they will produce excellent and gallant fight.

x-World Police champion, Ismail Ahmad
(photo from

NM Edward Lee

Najib Wahab, the recent DATMO's chief arbiter
(photo from Gilachess' collection)

Abdul Haq Mohamed
(photo from GiLoCatur's collection)

It is a surprise for GiLoCatur seeing Abdul Haq as one of the participants since he is not that very active in chess tournaments lately. In the first round, he will play black againts a 2200+ Indonesian player, Hasian Panggabean, the 24th seed. Considered a strong chess player, GiLoCatur believes Haq has an equal chance to win the match.

MCF Vice President, Haslindah Ruslan (FIDE 1698)
(photo from GiLoCatur's collection)

Representing the Malaysian ladies, Haslindah Ruslan, has to battle againts a Singaporean FM, Daniel Chan Yi-Ren, the 18th seed in the first round. Hopefully, she manages to improve her FIDE rating and win as many games as possible againts higher-rated opponents. Her participation in this tournament hopefully will motivate and encourage more Malaysian chess women to be active and participate in FIDE-rated chess tournaments.

MSSM KL player, Wong Jianwen (FIDE 1763)

GiLoCatur is very happy to see the determination and will of young Malaysian chess players like Wong Jianwen. He just participated in the recent DAT Malaysian Open. Kudos to him! With many exposure and participation in international chess tournaments, he will surely improve and succeed in the future. Who knows, Jianwen will be among our future Grandmasters and GiLoCatur believes strongly he could.

In the first round, his opponent is a Kazakhstan FM, Yevgeniy Pak (FIDE 2348). Hopefully, he will learn a lot from such valuable experience and game encounter. Go Go Go Jianwen!

NWM Tan Li Ting
(photo from GiLoCatur's collection)

NWM Tan Li Ting is the sole representive for Under12 players and young Malaysian girls. WCM Nabila and Fairuz Hamizah, the daughter of Cikgu Fuad, will be busy next week with their UPSR examination. So, let us put our hope on this talented girl to be at par with or even surpass the Indonesian Dream Girls - WFM Dewi A A Citra, WFM (stated WCM in the starting list) Medina Warda Aulia, WCM Chelsie Monica Sihite and Virda Rizka Aulia, the elder sister of Medina. The exposure of playing in a quality chess tournament like KLCA Open surely will help Tan Li Ting to go further in her chess ambition.

Young Indonesian chess masters - 2 WFMs, 1 WCM

SO, all the rakyat Malaysia, let's support and cheer for the above seven Malaysian chess players to play gallantly and excellently in the chess tournament. If we want chess to achieve greater heights let's show our strong support to these seven fighting Malaysian chess warriors by giving good luck wishes and greetings to them. Let's show to our Youth and Sports Minister also how determine and serious we are in promoting and supporting chess in this country. You all can do that by writing in the comments or in the shoutbox. Let's start the ball rolling folks!

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