Monday, April 26, 2010

A Chess Simul Under A Plane?

source : the star online, here

Look familiar the above kids? Surely YES, at least to GiLoCatur. The two kids wearing green t-shirts are Nithyalakshmi and her elder brother, Subramanian, from Seremban. Both of them are the children of Mr Sivanesan and his wife. GiLoCatur salutes the committment, solid support and sacrifice from the couple for their children's passion in chess.

GiLoCatur will bump into them in almost any local chess tournament. For sure, the ever smiling young couple has spent lots of their money, efforts and time for their beloved children to be what they are now.

In the above picture, actually, Nithya and Subra were giving a chess simul to about 20 players each. The interesting about their chess simul is its venue. The chess simul is held under Boeng 777 plane, the first of its kind maybe. Hopefully, this event will spark more interest in chess especially in Malaysia. Furthermore, other Malaysian young chess talents and prodigy may have similar events to help promoting chess to be at par with football, golf and other "core" sports in this country.

Well done and BRAVO to the Sivanesan siblings and their parents as well as MAS!


  1. its good NAG2010.....failed to shine.....this is the most important criteria for Malaysian selection set by MCF.

  2. MAS should consider Yeoh Li Tian for future promotion....He will be next youngest Grandmaster for Malaysian Chess. He is the real Malaysian chess prodigy.Bravo Yeoh Li Tian.....

  3. Yeah....i agree with both 2 comments above....MAS should also consider Penang's Wong Yinn Loong....he is another young chess prodigy.Future champion in the making.

  4. What GiLoCatur notices in Malaysia is that we need to see and approach a sponsor. A sponsor will not come to us. That's a challenge to all chess parents and their playing children.

    Another thing is that our young Malaysian chess talents need to show some results by winning international chess tournaments. Then sponsors will come. Until then, chess will still be ignored because it is not a "sukan teras" and "popular sport" like bola sepak, badminton, and golf.