Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Excellent Billboard



GiLoCatur hopes all the parents especially the Malaysians stick the above magic wordings in their heads and hearts. No doubt our children really really need our help and guidance to live in the nowadays challenging world.

Why GiLoCatur said that? GiLoCatur is too sad reading lots of negative and bad stories about our children in the news papers like a teenage boy (same age with Fikri) in Kedah wants to make a suicide just because he cannot handle the peer pressure and the shame of being rejected. Also another case in another state few days later. And there are many many other "bugging" and sickening stories that about and related to the children.

The BIG question is, DO WE PARENTS PRESSURE TOO MUCH OUR CHILDREN?? Let's think profoundly about it. If yes, why we as the well-educated and modern parents do it? Did our parents do the same to us before? No doubt, today parenting is more challenging and complicated since lots of influences that we need to face and combat. Can we make it as an excuse?

GiLoCatur is also worried while parenting three children. Hopefully, by involving them in chess they can grow and become responsible and well-being adults.

So, to all the parents, let's together always improve our parenting skills. Let's share, learn and guide each other for the betterment of our beloved children!!!

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