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MSS Selangor 2010 Chess Championship Champions

Selangor state level chess championship just completed last week. The scholastic chess tournament participated by all the ten districts representatives was held from 13 to 15 April. The venue of the tournament is at the hall of SMK Sungai Besar, a secondary school in Sabak Bernam district. In fact, Sabak Bernam is the hometown of GiLoCatur.

So, how is the final results? Check out at to view the final ranking for each of the six categories. Basically, there are three categories - primary school (Under 12), lower secondary (Under 15) and upper secondary (Under 18). For each of the three categories, it will be divided between Boys and Girls sections. Therefore, there are six in totals.

Who are the individual champions for each category? GiLoCatur will sum up here.

U12 Girls - Puteri Rifqah Fahada Azhar MS from Kuala Langat District
U15 Girls - Amira Syahmina Zullkafli from Hulu Selangor District
U18 Girls - Winnie Hong Wee Ni from Petaling Perdana District

U12 Boys - Mohd Fikri Farizal from Kuala Langat District
U15 Boys - Fikri Saleh from Petaling Perdana District
U18 Boys - Mohd Nabil Azman Hisham from Kuala Selangor District

Go to here to see the faces of MSS Selangor Chess 2010 champions.

In U12 Girls, Nur Najiha and the two Puteri siblings were the favourites. At the end, Puteri Rifqah emerged champion. She has same 6/7 points with Najiha but she is declared the champion based on the PE (personal encounter) which is the first tie break.

In U12 Boys, Mohd Fikri and Mohd Noor Azam were the favourites in the absence of Yeoh Li Tian. Other players like Tin Jun Hao, Leong Zhi Chen, and Ethan Wong (just to name a few) made the competition tougher. Finally, by scoring 6/6 points Mohd Fikri won leading by 1/2 point.

In U15 Girls, Nur Nabila added the competitiveness to this section coming from the primary section. She is one of the favourite players besides the eventual champion, Amira Syahmina. It is quite interesting results in this section. Vickie, Nur Farihah, Dhanusha and Nurul Adlina as well as Seri Aishah were among the top players in this section in GiLoCatur's opinion.

In U15 Boys, as in other sections this one is also very competitive and challenging. In the absence of last year top players - Nabil, Syakir and Jun Jian, Tiang Chang Sheng, Hassan Al Bashri Sarip as well as Low Jun Keat and Fikri Saleh were competing to be the champion. Strong new comers from the primary section are Irfan Haqqim and Roshan Singh. After seven rounds and two days of competing, Fikri Saleh emerged champion with 6/7 points leading the two 1/2 point.

In U18 Boys, the three strong new comers - Nabil, Syakir and Jun Jian, provided the tough challenge to Nabil Fikri and Chek Kin Leong, the top two seed based on last year's standings. True enough they dominated this section. Eventually, Nabil won this section by scoring 6/7 points.

GiLoCatur would like to congratulate all the winners especially the above champions in each of the six categories. They had fought hard in the championship. To those who are not among the winners, DON'T GIVE UP! Practice and learn more. Keep participating in local chess tournaments and come back again next year stronger and well prepared.

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