Thursday, April 8, 2010

What A Hectic Week for GiLoCatur

This week is a very hectic one for GiLoCatur. All three of GiLoCatur's children participate in the district scholastic chess tournament called MSSD. Luckily, all of them are in one district which is PETALING PERDANA. For information, Selangor has 10 districts based on PPD which is the District Education Office.

Especially yesterday which was also GiLoCatur's birthday, GiLoCatur had to juggle between work and family matters. Furthermore, few relatives from Sumatera including an aunty are coming to visit us in Malaysia. Therefore, the birthday celebration within the family is put on hold.

The eldest son had participated in the secondary school. Alhamdulillah, he managed to win the silver medal or second place in the Under 15 Boys category. He will represent the district in the state level championship next week in Sungai Besar in Sabak Bernam district the home town of both GiLoCatur and wife.

Today is the important day for the other GiLoCatur's two kids - Anis and Fahim. The former has accumulated 5 points in the Under 12 Girls category while his younger brother has 2.5 points. Surely, as a parent, GiLoCatur is very nervous and concern about them participating in the tournament.

To those who want to get the latest updates on MSSD Petaling Perdana, please go to, a dedicated blog for MSSM Chess Championship.

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