Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MSS Selangor State Chess Championship

GiLoCatur has very limited time at this moment due to some personal commitments and matters to take care of. Furthermore, MSS Selangor state chess championship is currently ongoing. Today will be the second day and very critical and important last three rounds. Two of GiLoCatur's children are participating. Fikri played well yesterday and scored 4/4 points. He needs to continue his winning momentum today. Anis, on the other hand, also played very well up to the third round. In her final round yesterday, she lost a crucial 1 point to her own team mate. Before Round 5 today, she has accumulated 3/4 points. Hopefully, both of them will have good results today. Surely, GiLoCatur is nervous while they are battling on the chess boards.

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