Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 World Cup Final - Oranje vs La Rocha

It is 1.20am now.

It is about an hour to for the 2010 World Cup Final between the Netherlands (Holland) and Spain in South Africa. GiLoCatur is still awake for the game. Hopefully, GiLoCatur can stay awake to watch the final game.

Which is your favourite team to be the new world cup champion? You can vote your choice.

HOT Holland?



2010 FIFA World Cup is hosted by South Africa. GiLoCatur's top two favourite teams - Ivory Coast and England, had gone home. Today, the once-in-four-year biggest sport event will come to end. Surely, chess players follow the event too and have their own favourite teams.

At the end of the final game, which team will lift the above FIFA world cup trophy?

the Netherlands team

the Spain team

Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben (above pic), ex-Chelsea and a gifted player, is one of the main reasons why GiLoCatur favours HOLLAND.


Bukit Jelutong

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