Monday, July 26, 2010

The Photo Report of Perak Chess GP - Teluk Intan Leg

Since GiLoCatur was not playing in the Perak Chess GP - Teluk Intan leg yesterday, GiLoCatur had the chance to watch several interesting, time-pressure and hard-fought chess match ups. Below are some of them.

In the first round, the recent National Women Master (NWM) Fong Mi Yen had unfortunate first round match up. For some reason, Mi Yen who was seeded 10th with MCF ratings of 1676 in the tournament had to face Johan Jamil (white shirt) who was unrated and seeded 39th out of the total 59 participants. As far as GiLoCatur knows, Johan who is the brother of Hussein Jamil has MCF ratings of 1721 (April 2010 release). So, he is a no-nonsense chess player. GiLoCatur had the chance to play against him in the Batu Gajah Open in May 2009. Click here if you are interested to read further about GiLoCatur's travelogue to the tournament.

Back to the match, NWM Mi Yen was outwitted by Johan in the time-pressure endgame. They should not have faced each other in the first round if the seeding has correct info. Many factors have contributed to the issue where all parties involve need to cooperate and work together to avoid such encounters in future chess tournaments. Maybe GiLoCatur will write further about it next time.

After playing against Mi Yen, Johan faced her brother Yit Ho in the second round at table #8. The latter has a slight higher MCF ratings than Johan in the 1700 ratings club. The match also ended up in the time pressure. If GiLoCatur remembers it right, Johan lost the match up due to time. Then, in the third round Johan had to play against their mother, Chin Yoon Mei. What a tournament for Johan to remember since he faces the Fong clan in the first three rounds with 2/3 score. Johan also played against GiLoCatur's daughter in the tournament in the fifth round.

It is also very interesting to note that the Fong siblings mother played in the tournament since Malaysian women chess players especially mothers are very rare to participate in chess tournaments. Keep on playing!

The last game to complete in the second round and got attention of a crowd is a match up between Ismail Adnan (white) and a teenage girl named Siti Nurasikin Bt Ahmad (left in the above picture). Their match ended up in a draw.

The above match up happened in the third round between the second seed and the ninth seed at table #2. Ahmad Muzafar Ramli of Perak with 1839 MCF ratings (left in the above picture) versus Roslan Sulaiman from the neighbouring state of Selangor who is with 1679 MCF ratings. Roslan, one of GiLoCatur's chess buddies, who came along with his 10-year-old son won the match. With full points of 3/3, Roslan played Anthony the recent Kilang Gula Open champion in the fourth round. His superb run could not continue further after he was defeated by the top seed.

note : all the above pictures are taken by using GiLoCatur's Nokia 2930 handphone


  1. GiLoCatur hopes in next legs esp the Kampar leg next week, such encounters shall not happen again.

  2. They have been fixing matches so a long time. Maybe someone got pissed with Eddy and decided to show him who's boss.