Saturday, July 3, 2010

An Email Message From Azhar MS For The Telok Gong Tournament

3rd July is nearing the two hours mark. Twenty two hours then, 4th of July will show up. As someone who had studied in the United States, the date will mean something. It is the independence day for USA. While in the country in the early 90's for about two and half years, GiLoCatur managed to celebrate the big day twice.

But come this year's 4th of July, Insya Allah, GiLoCatur will be in Telok Gong playing in a chess tournament. GiLoCatur will accompany Fahim in that tournament. Fikri is not coming home from his hostel this weekend. Anis will stop participating in chess tournaments for a while due to her UPSR exam. Hopefully, the tournament will attract a record number of participants.

Below is an email message from Mr Azhar MS (the above picture).

Dear all,
Here are some updates for the tounament scheduled on Sunday, July 4th.
  1. R1 Pairing just can be out on the tourney day due to unavoided technical problem.
  2. Game will starts at 9.00am
  3. All players are advised to take any precaution needs in order to ensure their journey will be running smooth.

Simple direction how to get there.

For NKVE / PLUS users, find way to Klang > Pelabuhan Barat > Telok Gong ( Turn right after passes Jusco Bukit Tinggi ), and follow below guideance.

For Kesas Highway users.
  1. Go straight towards Pulau Indah / Pelabuhan Barat until you find 'Telok Gong' signboards ( about 3 to 5 signboards )
  2. Follow instruction ( arrow shows to turn left at the juncion ). From here, just go straight, it takes 4km to reach Dewan Hamid Tuah ( on the left ).
  3. You also can ask local folks where the location about ( be careful; a lots of foreigners there; they just only smiles if they do not understand, hehehe )
  4. No details can be found through the google map.
  5. Do call & keep my number for assistance. Azhar 012 - 679 6193, Zamri 016 - 277 5005


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