Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dungun Chess Open - 16th & 17th July 2010 (UPDATE 3)

The Champ - Soon Wai Cheong from Selangor
(photo from

Dungun Chess Open ended today. GiLoCatur does not have the official results. Below are the unofficial top 7 winners as per in website. All the top 7 winners are non-Terengganu players.

  1. Soon Wai Cheong (SEL) - the champion
  2. Abdullah Che Hassan (KL/JHR) - 2nd place
  3. Kamaluddin Yusof (KL/JHR) - 3rd place
  4. Ahmad Fadzil Nayan (PRK) - 4th place
  5. Mohd Khair Wahiduddin (PHG) - 5th place
  6. CM Mohd Fadli Zakaria (KL/JHR) - 6th place
  7. Khalid Musa (PHG) - 7th place
Syabas and tahniah to all the winners. For those who did not win, do not give up. Keep learning and practising. If you love playing chess, keep on going ...

Go to website to view the latest pictures.

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