Monday, July 26, 2010

Passing the 50,000 Mark

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Terima kasih, Toche toche, Nandre and Thank you to all the visitors to GiLoCatur's Blog. Today, 26th July 2010, less than two years this blog has surpassed the 50,000 mark. It is not easy to achieve such feat without the support of the chess community and fans especially the Malaysian and generally the world.

Like yesterday while GiLoCatur was in the Perak Chess GP in Teluk Intan, GiLoCatur met and just knew a regular visitor to this chess blog. He whose, if GiLoCatur is not mistaken, name is Shahandas Bin Kamal from Manjung (GiLoCatur: Please alert if the name is wrong because GiLoCatur just base on the pairings that might has spelling errors.) is one of the tournament participants who knows and visits this blog regularly. What GiLoCatur salutes with him is that he brought along his baby and wife to the tournament. It shows his love to chess and his interest and dedication to participate in local chess tournament. GiLoCatur hopes he will keep his interest and passion to play and be involved in chess. GiLoCatur is very happy to get the chance to be in the Perak Chess GP - Teluk Intan leg because GiLoCatur get to know more and more local chess players like Mr Shahandas (or is it Shahanas?) and Mr Noorahim Abdullah.

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