Sunday, December 20, 2009

The 2nd National Junior Chess Championship - the Final Round

So, the championship will be over by tomorrow afternoon. Four players with 6.5/8 have the chance to be titled as the 2009 NJM. Who will emerge as the new NJM tomorrow? Let's wait and see!

WCM Nur Najiha has the edge to be the new NJWM to continue the Azman Hisham legacy. By winning the final round against Sarika, she will emerge champion. Three other players of three different MSS states - Selangor (Amira), WP (Latifah Kaiyisah) and Terengganu (Siti Aisyah), with 6/8 points are waiting any slip up from Najiha to earn the title.

( credit : MSSMKL blogspot )

GiLoCatur needs to go to bed now for the final day of NJCC tomorrow. It is 30 minutes past 3am now.

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