Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Batu Pahat Chess Open - 25, 26 & 27 December 2009

Batu Pahat Chess Association is alive. How about other chess associations or clubs all round the country? Does anyone knows how many are there in the country? Is your hometown has a chess association or club? Luckily, GiLoCatur's hometown of Sabak Bernam has one. Insya Allah, GiLoCatur will help promote and bring Sabak Bernam Chess Club alive again! In fact, Sabak Bernam will host the state's MSS chess tournament in February 2010. Insya Allah, GiLoCatur will be there to do the coverage. Hopefully, chess will always be there in the annual MSSM calendar.

Click here to know how to get to the venue.

Do you know what is Batu Pahat formerly known as?
What is the population of Batu Pahat?

[ Dulu Batu Pahat dikenali sebagai apa? Berapa ramai penduduk Batu Pahat? ]

Wow! A three-day of chess tournament! Where? In Summit Shopping Complex Batu Pahat, Johor. When? During this Christmas weekend - 25th (Friday), 26th (Saturday) & 27th (Sunday). The tournament format? Swiss system of 6 or 7 rounds. Time control of 25 minute per player or G/25.

Before in Skudai with the Giant Shopping Complex. Now, in Batu Pahat with the Summit Shopping Complex. GiLoCatur on behalf of the Malaysian chess fraternity would like to say big "TERIMA KASIH" or thank you to both the organizers and the sponsors. "Terima kasih daun keladi, selalu-selalulah organize lagi!"

GiLoCatur hopes the tournament will attract many participants. If we, the chess lovers, players and parents, do not support such tournament, don't blame others like sponsors and organizers for not supporting, helping and promoting chess in this country.

To Zullghafari, an active chess player in the area, "AJAK RAMAI-RAMAI PERGI KE SUMMIT BATU PAHAT, OKAY!" :)-

GiLoCatur would be very honoured if the organizer can share the results and pictures of the winners by sending them via email.

Click here if you want to know a little bit about Batu Pahat.

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