Friday, December 4, 2009

Thank You Very Much 2 Muhammad Azmi Ismail

A unique chess set in GiLoCatur's eyes. Don't you think? But forgot from where (the source) GiLoCatur downloaded the picture.

GiLoCatur received an email from Encik Azmi (of Kajang - just assume he is staying there) about 10 days ago. GiLoCatur is very honoured and flattered with his strong interest, commitment and support especially to the local chess news. TQVM! Surely, it will boost and motivate GiLoCatur to continue updating this blog. And GiLoCatur also hopes that he keep up such strong interest and madness to chess.

As to answer his question, as of now there is no chess tournament in Kajang area. Maybe, you can organize one. Don't worry about the arbiter, chess sets and chess clocks. What's important is to get and find the budget, organizer, sponsors and the venue. It is okay to start with a very small tournament or maybe a regular chess sparring. GiLoCatur urges any other chess fanatics and lovers around Kajang area to keep in touch with Encik Azmi to create a chess madness there. To GiLoCatur's knowledge, once a while there is a chess sparring at Bangi's McD. GiLoCatur will put up the info if there is one.

from Muhammad Azmi Ismail ""
date Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 2:01 PM

Hello Mr.Gilo Catur. I just wanted to tell you that I am a chess maniac and almost everyday need to know the progress of our local chess news. So, your blog is in my top list. Hope you keep up the good work in reporting the news... Oh ya.. by the way.. just courious.. is there any tournament around Kajang?

( GiLoCatur : Azmi, I hope u don't mind I publish ur email address. If u do, please let me know. )

Or maybe Encik Azmi can contact/sms Alakain of Seremban at 019-601 9953 to arrange for a chess sparring session. Or we also can have a chess game online via ym (yahoo messenger). My ym id is domo68.

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