Saturday, December 19, 2009


"THANK YOU" to all GiLoCatur's Blog visitors.

GiLoCatur starts today's blog entries with the above line. GiLoCatur is very sorry for not able to put the latest updates on NJCC as soon as possible. GiLoCatur is very tired and had hectic day. Furthermore, having slow internet connection at the tournament venue is the main reason why GiLoCatur can not update earlier and during the tournament itself. The tournament environment and watching over GiLoCatur's son and daughter during the tournament itself have big impact in doing the tournament coverage.

Looking at the below statistics of the visits, many are eager to know the tournament's update.

As early as 6.00pm, more visits are recorded hoping maybe to get the updates of the tournament. The same goes at 7.00pm. During 8.00pm hour, the statistics drop. It is dinner time and maghrib prayer for the muslims. During the 9.00pm hour, the number skyrockets again.

Looking at the above "this week's visits" chart, the visits pass over 100 mark even peak to nearly 150. It shows that people are hunger for updates and info when there is a chess tournament.

What GiLoCatur wants to higlight :

This aspect of publishing latest updates and results of a certain chess tournament is very important and crucial in putting chess into a better limelight. It is still lacking in Malaysia.

By having fast updates and results, chess can be alive and kicking in this country and in ASEAN as well.

Chess followers in this country can be bigger if proper info dissemination takes place.

So, GiLoCatur hopes Malaysian chess bloggers are very active and keep their blogs updated as often as possible. GiLoCatur knows it will take lots of efforts and time especially to full-time working bloggers.

GiLoCatur is determined to promote chess as a contribution for nation-building because by doing so GiLoCatur will be part of "pembangunan modal insan".

Once again, GiLoCatur says terima kasih or THANK YOU to all visitors.

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