Monday, December 14, 2009

Singapore Chess Festival - Commonwealth U20_U16

In this category, Malaysia has 13 players participate besides players from another three countries - Singapore (the host country), India and Australia.

Out the total 13 players, only three of them have ELO ratings. Yeap Eng Chiam, MSSM U15 Boy Champion is the highest rated with 2118. He is ranked fourth. Ranked 8th, Justin Ong Way has ELO ratings of 2018. Another player is Tan Jun Feng. Ranked 22nd, he has 1801 ELO ratings.

Both Eng Chiam and Justin will play tomorrow in the last round on the top five boards. Eng Chiam has an uphill battle against the only International Master from India and the top seed with 2460 ELO ratings. His opponent is Lalith Babu M.R. Eng Chiam scores 5.5/8 points.

Meanwhile, Justin will play black against Mohana Priya from India. He has 5/8 points so far.

The other Malaysian players :

Tan Jun Feng - 4/8
Renitha Narayanan - 3.5/8
Lim Chuin Khai - 3.5/8
Chong Yan Meng - 3/8
Nurislam Yahaya - 3/8
Gabriel Soong - 3/8
Toh Qin Kane - 3/8
Alexander Hoon Thien Qing - 2.5/8
Lim Jin Hong - 2.5/8
Hew Zhenjing - 2.5/8
Yap Wing Heng - 1.5/8

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