Friday, December 18, 2009

The 2nd National Junior Chess Championship - Day 2

Tomorrow, WCM Nur Nabila will play Sumant Subramaniam in the top board to determine the leader. Both scores the perfect 4/4 points. Sumant beats Jun Jian while Nabila won over Izz Saifuddin. Jianwen drew with Mark Siew, therefore they both have 3.5/4 points. Eng Chiam stopped the fine run of Roshan Singh.

No player has a perfect score in the Girls section. WFM Nur Najiha beats the top seed, Amira Shahmina. Puteri Rifqah managed to win against Pavitranayagi to have a matchup with Najiha. 12-year-old Fairuz Hamizah, the daughter of Cikgu Fuad, won over Winnie Hong Wee Ki from Shah Alam. She will play black against Amira in the fifth round tomorrow.

Below are some pictures of the 2nd NJCC players during the third round in this morning (17/12/2009). GiLoCatur did not take pictures in the afternoon session because had a meeting in Putrajaya.

Fikri lost the third round to Mohd Syazwan Mohd Zin playing black at Table #23. GiLoCatur does not know Fikri's opponent. In the tournament, he is unrated. In the fourth round, he faced Faris Aminuddin, his former primary schoolmate. He won the game. Tomorrow, Fikri will play white against Mohamed Shabyyl Mohamed Ajmal.

While Anis Fariha started her second day with a win over Ainur Nadirah Zulkifli. But in the afternoon, she lost to Goh Xin Yen. So, after fourth round she scores 2/4 points. Tomorrow she will play against Joyce Tan Sue Lee.

For the complete Round 4 results, go to here.

The top two boards of the Girls section in Round 3.

Kaiyisah and Winnie (right-black shirt).

Eng Chiam (right-2009 MSSM U15 Individual champion) and, at his right, Syakir (2009 MSSM U15 Team champion.

Right in white shirt, Faizal Roslan vs Fadhil Aiman Zakaria.

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