Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poor Turn Out In The DATCC Dream Team Chess Weekend

From several chess blogs, GiLoCatur found out that the DATCC Dream Team Chess tournament held during last weekend - 29th & 30th May 2010, had a poor turn out. Only four teams came to play meaning only 16 chess players were participating including the arbiter.

Lack of publicity is said to be one of the main reasons for the poor turn out. If this is true, it shows that the local chess blogs have very big responsibility and role in the Malaysian chess. One of the main reasons GiLoCatur believes is that it is the examination week. Most of the schooling chess players are busy studying and preparing for the exams. Furthermore, many of them are attending MSS state centralized training held during the weekend including Selangor state team that is being held about 150 kilometers or more than two-hour drive from KL. For the core IPT chess players they are participating in the MASUM tournament. (GiLoCatur will write further about MASUM Chess later.) Several other Malaysian juniors were attending the First GM chess training at Excel Chess Academy.

But for GiLoCatur, keep up the momentum by having continuous chess tourneys. Four teams is good enough. GiLoCatur is very happy because 17ChessClub keeps active to participate in the local chess tournaments.

Not yet read about the DATCC Dream Team Chess Tourney report? Click here or here to know which team is the champion.

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