Friday, June 11, 2010

MSSM 2010 @ Perlis - Before The Final Round (Individual Boys Category)

Current Malaysia's wonder boy, Yeoh Li Tian, is leading the L12 category with halfpoint. Aziz Farhan of Johor managed to draw with him. Harleiff of WP is second while Subramanian from N9 is third.

The defending champion, Yeap Eng Chiam, managed to be on the top in L15 section eventhough he drew at one time. He beat Roshan of Selangor who is second in the fifth round. Two Johor players - Ng Shi Hao and Daniel Iskandar are trailing with 4.5/6 points. In the final round, Eng Chiam will play Lim Chuin Khai. The two Johor players will play against Selangor players. Shi Hao will meet Fikri, GiLoCatur's eldest son while Daniel will face Roshan.

Nabil of Selangor is the leader for L18 section. Four other players are trailing halfpoint. Who will emerge the champion to take the crown from Lim Zhou Ren? The question will be answered after they complete the final round.

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