Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ulu Tiram Chess Tournament at Today's Mall

Have most of you ever heard of Ulu Tiram in Johor? How about Today's Mall? Surely for GiLoCatur, it is the first time that GiLoCatur ever known and heard. Why mention about them?

Actually, on last Sunday (30th May 2010), there was a chess tournament organized and held at Today's Mall located in Ulu Tiram. After checking with Mr Google, GiLoCatur found out that Ulu Tiram is a town located about 18 kilometers to the north of Johor Baharu or simply known as JB.

Based on the chess blog of Dr Nasrul who was one of the participants, about 40 chess players participated in the event that has three categories - Open, Intermediate and Novice. Not a very bad number for GiLoCatur. GiLoCatur always believe that the number can be much better provided that the organizer send flyers to the nearby schools. Promotion is very very important especially banners, buntings and via the media like local radio station and newspaper. It is a very challenging act to attract the Malaysians for a non-popular sport like chess.

GiLoCatur is hoping that the chess tournament organizers in this country will not give up for the "not so good" turn out in their events. Post mortems must be done to improve the attendance in the future. All the Malaysian chess community must be united to make CHESS successful and be on top in Malaysia. PROMOTION, PROMOTION, & PROMOTION!

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