Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Hectic Midterm School Break for GiLoCatur Is Over!

The hectic two weeks of midterm school break is over for GiLoCatur and many more other chess parents. Why hectic during the school holidays?

The answer is because of CHESS.

In the first week of the break both Fikri and Anis were participating in the MSSM Chess Championship held in Kangar, Perlis. As to give moral support to them, GiLoCatur and wife had planned to have a vacation there. Both Fikri and Anis went to Perlis on Saturday (5th June) morning with the Selangor chess contingent. They had a one day rest before the championship started in the afternoon of Monday.

Fikri was playing in the Under 15 Boys, i.e. B15L, Individual category while his younger sister, Anis, was playing in the Under 12 Girls Team event. It was the first time that Fikri would represent Selangor in MSSM while it was the second time for Anis. Both of them played seven rounds of G/90 games during the five days between 7th and 11th June. Thank the Mighty Allah, both of them were on the podium among the winners.

Fikri managed to win the 9th placing while Anis won the silver medal. Anis also won the Best Board award after six wins. Alhamdulillah, GiLoCatur and wife presence there was rewarded. On Saturday 12th June, both Fikri and Anis participated in the Kilang Gula Chess Open. GiLoCatur and Fahim also participated. Anis was playing in the Ladies/Women category. It is quite rare and seldom to have such category in the chess open. While Fikri and his eight-year-old brother, Fahim, played in the Under 18 category, GiLoCatur participated in the Open section. Eventhough Fikri and Anis were tired after the MSSM championship, they kept on playing. They managed to be on the podium receiving their prizes from the Perlis MB or chief minister, Dato' Seri Dr Md Isa Sabu.

GiLoCatur and family stayed one more night in Perlis. We checked in a budget hotel in Kuala Perlis after the Kilang Gula Chess Open. We planned to visit Satun Bazaar located on the Perlis-Thai border on Sunday morning and Gua Kelam or Cave of Darkness as part of the family vacation. (GiLocatur will write about the visit later.)

Having rest days on both Monday (14th June) and Tuesday (15th June), both Fikri and Anis participated in the National Closed Chess Championship. Last year they did not participate because we had a family vacation in Langkawi. The tournament started on 16th June and ended on Sunday, 20th June. They had to play nine rounds of G/90, 90 minutes time control, games. They stayed at the hostel. After they completed their last rounds, GiLoCatur and family rushed back home because we need to send back Fikri to his hostel before 6.00 pm.

GiLoCatur believes many have known who are the new Malaysian NM (National Master) and NWM (National Women Master). For those who still don't know, below are their pictures taken from the tournament's official blog - http://nc-2010.blogspot.com/.

Syabas and Tahniah to the new champions!

Congratulation also to all who took part and made the tournament a successful one - the organiser, the sponsor, the players and the parents.

NM Tan Khai Boon

NWM Fong Mi Yen of Perak

The Final Ranking for Men category

The Final Ranking for Women category

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