Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Delicious Food GiLoCatur Had While In Perlis

While GiLoCatur and wife were in Perlis during the first week of the recent Malaysian midterm school break to give moral support to Fikri and Anis who were participating the MSSM Chess Championship, we tried few delicious food as below pictures. Mmmmm yummie yummie ...

"Ikan Bakar" or grilled fish. It was as delicious as it looks. LOL! We had the dish for an early dinner in Kuala Perlis, a fishing town located about 13 kilometers away from Kangar. Kuala Perlis is one of the entry points to Langkawi via ferry. Do you know how much GiLoCatur needs to pay for the above grilled fish? Quite cheap you know for the Americans especially. It is about 10 "bucks" or US Dollars. But GiLoCatur paid 36 Malaysian Ringgits (RM) he he ...

Having laksa as per the above picture in Kuala Perlis shall be one of the great moments for GiLoCatur for the Perlis vacation. It is very delicious compared to laksa in other places or towns. There are many types of laksa actually. Go to this site to have a look at some of them. So, to those who visit Perlis do not forget to have a taste of laksa Kuala Perlis especially if you are a foreign tourist.

The above food is "Pulut Durian", another special food that is popular in Perlis. GiLoCatur is not sure how to explain them especially to non Malaysians. Durian which is also known as the "King of Fruit" in Malaysia is one of the special Malaysian fruits. Go to here and here if you want to know further what it is. It is easy nowadays to find out about something. Mr Google is ready to serve you he he he ...

The above food is not popular or famous in Perlis. Actually, GiLoCatur had it while stopping at the Juru R & R. It is called Rojak Pasembor, a very popular food in Penang.

Interesting, right? Normally, while travelling either in Malaysia or abroad GiLoCatur will take the opportunity to taste the special and popular food in the place or town visited. Even though tired, GiLoCatur is happy to have a vacation with family in Perlis while having chess events to participate especially GiLoCatur's kids.


  1. aduh...pulut durian tu, memang menggoda jiwo ambo...sedap nyo

  2. memang sedap abe ... kat kelantan pun ada pulut durian ni kan?

    ada satu lagi, pulut pelam / mangga .. yg tu lupa lak ambik gambor hehehe .. mmg sedap .. makan kat kuala perlis gak ..