Friday, June 18, 2010

Prayer For Cikgu Fuad Well Being

Last night, GiLoCatur's eldest son, Fikri, called while GiLoCatur was having late dinner after just got back from Pendeta Za'ba College in UKM Bangi, the venue of the ongoing Malaysian National Closed Championship. He sounded panic.

He asked GiLoCatur to ring Abdul Haq ASAP, the key person of the organizing committee. The reason being was that Cikgu Fuad (blue shirt in above picture), the dedicated father of the Kedahan chess siblings of Fairuz Hamizah and Sirajuddin Munawir, was found fainted while having shower. Fikri said that Cikgu Fuad must had been fainted for a couple of hours.

Immediately, GiLoCatur called Syed Iskandar who is also a chess blogger and participant of the tournament. He also stay in the hostel. He told GiLoCatur that Cikgu Fuad was already being carried away to his hostel room.

Then, GiLoCatur called Abdul Haq to report about the emergency. Someone had already phoned him and he was on the way to the hostel. GiLoCatur didn't know then what actually happened to Cikgu Fuad. Was it due to blood pressure or heart attack.

Later, GiLoCatur found out that Cikgu Fuad suffered a stroke. He was brought to Hospital Serdang. Let's all pray that he will get well and better soon.

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