Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2008 WYCC - 2nd Round Results

For the boys, the results today are the opposites of yesterday. All who lost yesterday won today. Li Tian, playing white, won againts an Indian player. Both Syakir and Justin defeated Kenyan players. Eu Wen could not upset the first seeded Iranian player whereas Elgin lost to a Vietnamese player.

For the girls, Puteri is the only one who has perfect score so far. Today playing on Board 2, she beats Sakalli Esin from Turkey. Except for Alia who drew with a Vietnamese player, the other girl players lost their games. Najiha lost to an Indian player, Najiha was defeated by a Serbian player while Camilia could not outplay the fifth seeded Bulgarian player, Vasova Mariya.

Let's pray for all the players to win the third round tomorrow.

Except for Syakir and Justin who will play againts much stronger opponents, the others will have about equally strong opponents. It is just unfortunate for both Camilia and Najiha who have to play againts each other.


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