Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 WYCC - 3rd Round Results

Li Tian drew with Nguyen Ngoc Minh Tri from Vietnam on Board 14 while Eu Wen lost to his Vietnamese opponent. In Open 12 category, our player Elgin Lee Kah Meng playing black won againts an England player. 

Puteri drew her game againts another Vietnamese player on Board 2. Thus, she has collected 2 and 1/2 points so far. Both Najiha and Camilia add another 1/2 point each when they met each other in the third round.

Results for other players are not published yet as per now 3:30pm.

Justin lost to a Mexican player, Rojas Alarcon Julian Antonio. He will play againts a Republic South Africa player, Naidu Sayen, in Round 4 at 5:00pm today.  (Updated at 4:15pm)

It is good news. Alia won her third round againts an Australian player named Sally Yu. In Round 4 this afternoon, she will play againts an Iranian WFM Ghazal Hakimifard on Board 11 playing black.  Hopefully she can beat her. Go Alia! Go. (Updated at 4:26pm)

Syakir lost his third round game to Gaehwiler Gabriel. In the fourth round, he will be playing white againts a Norwegian player, Hansen Pal Andreas. Let's pray for his win. (Updated at 4:34pm)

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