Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Result in Kuala Langat Chess Open

warming up session ...

In the Kuala Langat Chess Open held last Sunday, I just managed to win 3 games againts non-rated players whereas I lost the other four playing againts higher rated players. Unfortunately, I was playing black againts these players. I am a bit happy with my white. I need to imrpove futher when playing black. The game that I am quite happy when playing black is when I was playing againts Puteri Rifqah in Round 5, where I lost on ending. In Round 3, I was very hasty and too aggresive.

In the tournament I was ranked 80th out of 135 chess players in the Open category. Some players are from Kedah, Perlis, Pahang, N Sembilan, Pahang and Terengganu. With the 3 wins, I was placed 88th. Nice number huh! LOL! Below is my round details:

I was playing ...

Black againts Faizal Andin (ranked # 13, rat. 1749) in Round 1
White againts Muhd Asyraf (ranked # 114) in Round 2
Black againts Iskandar Rashid (ranked # 39, rat. 1540) in Round 3
White againts Tee Jun Xiang (ranked # 132) in Round 4
Black againts Puteri Rifqah Fahada (ranked # 47, rat. 1499) in Round 5
White againts Zaimah Abdullah (ranked # 135) in Round 6
Black againts Mohd Safri Ilias(ranked # 25, rat. 1642) in Round 7

Yahaya Ahmad

Many of my chess friends were participating like Yahaya Ahmad from Kedah, Rashid Jamaludin from UPSI, Wak Zunaidi from Tg Karang and others. Just Wak Faizul was not playing. Unfortunately, I did not play againts them especially Yahaya and Rashid. I would love to because I want to revenge my earlier defeats he he he .. Yahaya beats me in previous Royal Selangor International Open while Rashid beats me at Cochrane.  Watch you guys !!!

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