Sunday, October 19, 2008

'Orangutan' opening??

Today, after attending a hariraya open house at Bukit Jelutong my family and I drove to the national library. The borrowed books returned and new books borrowed. Then, we drove to Times Square. We spent some time at Borders book shop. Chess books are my favourite looking. One of the chess books that really struck me is play 1 b4! by Yuri Lapshun and Nick Conticello.

It is quite an uncommon chess opening. The name of the opening itself is a bit unique. Besides known as 'orangutan', it is also called The Sokolsky Opening. When I went back home, I search the for Yuri Lapshun games. I found two of his games in US Open 2001 using such opening. He won both games.

Whoa! It's past midnite already. I really need to go to bed. Tomorrow, my kids and I will be playing in Pearl Point Chess Tournament at Jalan Kelang Lama. 

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