Thursday, October 23, 2008

2008 WYCC - 4th Round Final Results & 5th Round Pairings

It is about 1 o'clock. My eyes are really heavy he he ... The 4th round results and 5th round pairings just came up. Good news for the boys camp. No lost at all. Only Elgin drewn with a Kazakhtan player.  It is a sweet victory for Syakir for defeating much higher-rated opponent (2074 compared to his 1844 FIDE rating).

It is quite sad for the girls camp. Puteri could not continue her winning momentum when lost to a local player. Only Nabila won. The rest lost their games.

For the fifth round, Elgin, Syakir and Justin Ong will play higher-rated opponents. Both Li Tian and Eu Wen winning chances is higher.  For the girls, only Nabila will be meeting much tougher Russian opponent, Tereshechkina Maya, the number 4 ranking. 

GOOD LUCK! to all Malaysian players. Make our country proud and known to the international stage. As for me, I need to go to bed now. Asta Manyana!! 

... 1:25 am ...

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